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GRPCRoute API Reference


With integration of the Gateway API, AWS Gateway API Controller supports GRPCRoute. This allows you to define and manage the routing of gRPC traffic within your Kubernetes cluster.

GRPCRoute Key Features & Limitations


  • Routing Traffic: Enables routing gRPC traffic to servers within your Kubernetes cluster.
  • Service and Method Matching: The GRPCRoute allows for matching by:
    • An exact gRPC service and method.
    • An exact gRPC service without specifying a method.
    • All gRPC services and methods.
  • Header Matching: Enables matching based on specific headers in the gRPC request.


  • Listener Protocol: The GRPCRoute sectionName must refer to an HTTPS listener in the parent Gateway.
  • Service Export: The GRPCRoute does not support integration with ServiceExport.
  • Method Matches: One method match is allowed within a single rule.
  • Header Matches Limit: A maximum of 5 header matches per rule is supported.
  • No Method Without Service: Matching only by a gRPC method without specifying a service is not supported.
  • Case Insensitivity: All method matches are currently case-insensitive.


    Represents a VPC Lattice generated domain name for the resource. This annotation will automatically set when a GRPCRoute is programmed and ready.

Example Configuration

Here is a sample configuration that demonstrates how to set up a GRPCRoute for a HelloWorld gRPC service:

kind: GRPCRoute
  name: greeter-grpc-route
    - name: my-hotel
      sectionName: https
    - matches:
        - headers:
            - name: testKey1
              value: testValue1
        - name: greeter-grpc-server
          kind: Service
          port: 50051
          weight: 10
    - matches:
        - method:
            service: helloworld.Greeter
            method: SayHello
        - name: greeter-grpc-server
          kind: Service
          port: 443

In this example:

  • The GRPCRoute is named greeter-grpc-route and is associated with a parent gateway named my-hotel that has a section named https.
  • The first routing rule is set up to forward traffic to a backend service named greeter-grpc-server on port 50051. The rule also specifies a header match condition, where traffic must have a header with the name testKey1 and value testValue1 for the routing rule to apply.
  • The second rule matches gRPC traffic for the service helloworld.Greeter and method SayHello, forwarding it to the greeter-grpc-server on port 443.

This GRPCRoute documentation provides a detailed introduction, feature set, and a basic example of how to configure and use the resource within AWS Gateway API Controller project. For in-depth details and specifications, you can refer to the official Gateway API documentation.