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Configure a Custom Domain Name for HTTPRoute

When you create a HTTPRoute under amazon-vpc-lattice gatewayclass, the controller creates a AWS VPC Lattice Service during reconciliation. VPC Lattice generates a unique Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) for you; however, this auto-generated domain name is not easy to remember.

If you'd prefer to use a custom domain name for a HTTPRoute, you can specify them in hostname field of HTTPRoute. Here is one example:

kind: HTTPRoute
  name: review
  -  # this is the custom domain name
  - name: my-hotel
    sectionName: http
  - backendRefs:
    - name: review2
      kind: Service
      port: 8090
    - path:
        type: PathPrefix
        value: /review2

Managing DNS records using ExternalDNS

To register custom domain names to your DNS provider, we recommend using ExternalDNS. AWS Gateway API Controller supports ExternalDNS integration through CRD source - the controller will manage DNSEndpoint resource for you.

  1. Install DNSEndpoint CRD. This is bundled with both Gateway API Controller Helm chart and examples/deploy-*.yaml manifest, but also can be installed manually by the following command:
    kubectl apply -f config/crds/bases/externaldns.k8s.io_dnsendpoints.yaml
    If the CRD does not exist, DNSEndpoint resource will not be created or managed by the controller.
  2. Restart the controller if running already.
  3. Run ExternalDNS controller watching crd source. The following example command runs ExternalDNS compiled from source, using AWS Route53 provider:
    build/external-dns --source crd --crd-source-apiversion \
    --crd-source-kind DNSEndpoint --provider aws --txt-prefix "prefix."
  4. Create HTTPRoutes and Services. The controller should create DNSEndpoint resource owned by the HTTPRoute you created.
  5. ExternalDNS will watch the changes and create DNS record on the configured DNS provider.