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Gateway API Reference


Gateway allows you to configure network traffic through AWS Gateway API Controller. When a Gateway is defined with amazon-vpc-lattice GatewayClass, the controller will watch for the gateway and the resources under them, creating required resources under Amazon VPC Lattice.

Internally, a Gateway points to a VPC Lattice service network. Service networks are identified by Gateway name (without namespace) - for example, a Gateway named my-gateway will point to a VPC Lattice service network my-gateway. If multiple Gateways share the same name, all of them will point to the same service network.

VPC Lattice service networks must be managed separately, as it is a broader concept that can cover resources outside the Kubernetes cluster. To create and manage a service network, you can either:

  • Specify DEFAULT_SERVICE_NETWORK configuration option on the controller. This will make the controller to create a service network with such name, and associate the cluster VPC to it for you. This is suitable for simple use cases with single service network.
  • Manage service networks outside the cluster, using AWS Console, CDK, CloudFormation, etc. This is recommended for more advanced use cases that cover multiple clusters and VPCs.

Gateways with amazon-vpc-lattice GatewayClass do not create a single entrypoint to bind Listeners and Routes under them. Instead, each Route will have its own domain name assigned. To see an example of how domain names are assigned, please refer to our Getting Started Guide.

Supported GatewayClass

  • amazon-vpc-lattice
    This is the default GatewayClass for managing traffic using Amazon VPC Lattice.


  • GatewayAddress status does not represent all accessible endpoints belong to a Gateway. Instead, you should check annotations of each Route.
  • Only Terminate is supported for TLS mode. TLSRoute is currently not supported.
  • TLS certificate cannot be provided through certificateRefs field by Secret resource. Instead, you can create an ACM certificate and put its ARN to the options field.

Example Configuration

Here is a sample configuration that demonstrates how to set up a Gateway:

kind: Gateway
  name: my-hotel
  gatewayClassName: amazon-vpc-lattice
    - name: http
      protocol: HTTP
      port: 80
    - name: https
      protocol: HTTPS
      port: 443
        mode: Terminate
          - name: unused

The created Gateway will point to a VPC Lattice service network named my-hotel. Routes under this Gateway can have either http or https listener as a parent based on their desired protocol to use.

This Gateway documentation provides a detailed introduction, feature set, and a basic example of how to configure and use the resource within AWS Gateway API Controller project. For in-depth details and specifications, you can refer to the official Gateway API documentation.