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VpcAssociationPolicy API Reference


VpcAssociationPolicy is a Custom Resource Definition (CRD) that can be attached to a Gateway to define the configuration of the ServiceNetworkVpcAssociation between the Gateway's associated VPC Lattice Service Network and the cluster VPC.

Source Protocol Port Range Comment
Kubernetes cluster VPC CIDR or security group reference Protocols defined in the gateway's listener section Ports defined in the gateway's listener section Allow inbound traffic from current cluster vpc to gateway

Limitations and Considerations

When attaching a VpcAssociationPolicy to a resource, the following restrictions apply:

  • Policies must be attached to Gateway resource.
  • The attached resource must exist in the same namespace as the policy resource.

The security group will not take effect if:

  • The targetRef gateway does not exist.
  • The associateWithVpc field is set to false.

⚠ Removing Security Groups

The VPC Lattice UpdateServiceNetworkVpcAssociation API cannot be used to remove all security groups. If you have a VpcAssociationPolicy attached to a gateway that already has security groups applied, updating the VpcAssociationPolicy with empty security group ids or deleting the VpcAssociationPolicy will NOT remove the security groups from the gateway.

To remove security groups, instead, you should delete VPC Association and re-create a new VPC Association without security group ids by following steps: 1. Update the VpcAssociationPolicy by setting associateWithVpc to false and empty security group ids. 2. Update the VpcAssociationPolicy by setting associateWithVpc to true and empty security group ids. Note: SettingassociateWithVpc` to false will disable traffic from the current cluster workloads to the gateway.

Example Configuration

This configuration attaches a policy to the Gateway, default/my-hotel. The ServiceNetworkVpcAssociation between the Gateway's corresponding VPC Lattice Service Network and the cluster VPC is updated based on the policy contents.

If the expected ServiceNetworkVpcAssociation does not exist, it is created since associateWithVpc is set to true. This allows traffic from clients in the cluster VPC to VPC Lattice Services in the associated Service Network. Additionally, two security groups (sg-1234567890 and sg-0987654321) are attached to the ServiceNetworkVpcAssociation.

kind: VpcAssociationPolicy
    name: test-vpc-association-policy
        group: ""
        kind: Gateway
        name: my-hotel
        - sg-1234567890
        - sg-0987654321
    associateWithVpc: true