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ServiceExport API Reference


In AWS Gateway API Controller, ServiceExport enables a Service for multi-cluster traffic setup. Clusters can import the exported service with ServiceImport resource.

Internally, creating a ServiceExport creates a standalone VPC Lattice target group. Even without ServiceImports, creating ServiceExports can be useful in case you only need the target groups created; for example, using target groups in the VPC Lattice setup outside Kubernetes.

Note that ServiceExport is not the implementation of Kubernetes Multicluster Service APIs; instead AWS Gateway API Controller uses its own version of the resource for the purpose of Gateway API integration.


  • The exported Service can only be used in HTTPRoutes. GRPCRoute is currently not supported.
  • Limited to one ServiceExport per Service. If you need multiple exports representing each port, you should create multiple Service-ServiceExport pairs.


    Represents which port of the exported Service will be used. When a comma-separated list of ports is provided, the traffic will be distributed to all ports in the list.

Example Configuration

The following yaml will create a ServiceExport for a Service named service-1:

kind: ServiceExport
  name: service-1
  annotations: "9200"
spec: {}